I'm excited to have started this wiki. There are so many opportunities for looking at the positive and spreading optimism that can be encroached by negativity, but my feeling is that positivity breeds more positivity, and we must always strive to look for it.


I'd like to make this blog a testament to positivity and humor, and hopefully it will brighten your day.

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  • new page NCAA Tournament Concludes!
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: It was a pretty entertaining tournament! Virginia got the ultimate redemption, by winning the whole tournament (each game was a nailbiter, and they...
  • new page March Madness Update
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: It's been a pretty entertaining tournament so far; lots of close games. Purdue's good fortunate ran out last night against Virginia, after such a...
  • new page March Madness
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: It seems a little strange to me that we are already celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but that it is only Selection Sunday. My March rhythms feel off -...
  • new page Spring
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: I am really looking forward to Spring in the next few weeks. There are definitely signs of it coming, but it's difficult to see those signs through...
  • new page Inclement Weather
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: It seems like Inclement weather will hit the East Coast again later this week. Hopefully everyone stays safe with the mix of snow, ice and sleet that...
  • new page Warmer days ahead
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: This week we've been greeted by ice and a dusting of snow the past couple of mornings. It's nice as it delays work for a bit, but it would also be...
  • new page Super Bowl Outcome
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: Greetings from the Arnab Majumdar Wiki! Last weekend's Super Bowl was definitely a different sort of game than either of the teams had played leading...
  • new page User blog:Arnabmajumdar/Super Bowl predictions
    posted by Arnabmajumdar
    New blog: Both the AFC and the NFC Championship games proved to be incredibly close - though the Saints had a clear call go against them that could have...
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  • discussion page Welcome!
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    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Arnab Majumdar Wiki as part of the FANDOM communit... 



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  • new page AFC and NFC Championships
    created by Arnabmajumdar
    New page: Yesterday brought some terrific exhibitions of football greatness, along with a little controversy. Both the Rams and the Chiefs sustained a strong...
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